Rules of Sending Bulk SMS

1. DO NOT use SENDER ID like MTN, GTBank, GLO, Lacesera, UBA, FIRSTBANK etc. Your message won’t deliver at all.

2. Never type/upload your recipients numbers like this 703, 802, etc. Always type your numbers like this; 080, 0703 or 234803, 23480.

3. Don’t include any phone number in the body of your message for bulk SMS to GLO phone numbers. GLO blocks such messages. Instead, put dash in between the phone numbers like this: 080-5121-2749.

4. Never use a phone number as your SENDER ID. As network providers will change the SENDER ID something else.

5. Never upload numbers in Microsoft Excel. Rather use Notepad and the numbers must be on different lines or separated with comma (without any space).

6. Never copy and paste your message from MS Word. It may deliver with strange characters.

7. Note that any name or word you enter into your signature (under Personal Settings) will be added to all your outgoing messages and might extend a 1-page message to a 2-page message. If you don’t want this to happen, delete your signature.

8. Do not include any of these words in your message: promo win, Congratulation, c0ngratulati0n, pr0m0 win, pr0mo w1n, prom0 win, police, alert. They are banned words. Your message will be replaced by a spam message alert and we will not be held responsible for your deducted units. Please see more banned words here

9. Always test the delivery of your message before sending to large numbers. We will not issue any refund if your messages are not delivered because of your message content, sender ID, or GSM network issues.

HINT: Always test delivery of your SMS to your own number before sending especially to large numbers. Better to be safe than sorry.


All these measures are in place to block SMS sent by fraudsters (419 )

If you’re a banking institution or you send transactional messages, we can help you register your sender ID and message content so you can deliver your messages without issues.

We won’t refund any unit if you do any of the above and your SMS aren’t delivered.

For more information, please call 08032337034 or Send us a mail via info[at]

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